Monday, August 16, 2010

I love...

these teeny tiny feet!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Addisyn's Story- Part I

On April 24th (the weekend my family came up to surprise me) I had the most beautiful baby shower- complete with all things pink and girly- including a gorgeous cake that survived a 6 1/2 hour trip from South Florida, and wasn't eaten by anyone at my shower. (Well, maybe 1 person... but that's all). So here I was sitting on the floor with close friends and family around me holding up frilly lace dresses and gobs of pink and purple receiving blankets, and everything else we needed for our sweet baby girl. As I finished opening and admiring everything, and we all oooohed and ahhhhed it was time to cut that gorgeous cake. I went into the kitchen and all at once felt like something was terribly wrong... I excused myself to the bathroom and that's when I noticed it... I was bleeding... I immediately felt dizzy, and didn't even attempt to go to the bathroom. I stumbled back into the living room and felt like I was in some type of surreal parallel universe. Time was going very slow and I was searching everywhere for my sister-in-law. (who just so happened to be in the bathroom with my 3 year old niece Layci) I banged on the door and begged her to let me in... I am sure I must have been ghostly white when I blurted, "I'm bleeding." Her response, "What do you mean you're bleeding?" I couldn't find the words, so I just showed her... and I am pretty sure she turned as white as me....

***QUICK REWIND AGAIN BACK TO MARCH*** The Maternal /Fetal Medicine doctor had not yet diagnosed me with placenta previa, although at my gender ultrasound in January they noticed it was very low and close to my cervix. He, as well as, my regular OB/GYN warned me that if at any point I started to bleed that I needed to immediately head to the hospital, and fast...

*Fast forward back to my sister-in-law turning as white as me...*

I am pretty sure she called my aunt in the bathroom to check me out since she is an RN and I think I remember her saying we needed to go fast. I also remember walking back out and seeing all of my family and friends with concerned looks on their faces and me feeling like everything was swirling so fast around me. Stephanie (my sister-in-law- I know, same name- kinda confusing) said, "Steph's bleeding and we need to take her to the hospital now." I could not believe this was happening to me. I just kept saying "I am only 32 weeks, she's not ready. It's not time yet. This can't be happening." Somehow they put me in to Stephanie's truck, leaned my seat back and away we went. My mom was in the backseat along with my 2 nieces (who were terrified). I will never forget Layci asking all kinds of questions: "Did Aunt Tes cut herself? Does she need to get some medicine on it?" I was trying my hardest to stay calm and not cry for the sake of Savannah and Layci, and of course, for the sake of my unborn Addisyn. I told my sister I couldn't feel her moving... and she held my hand the whole way there. My cousin Sheena called L&D triage and let them know I was on the way and what my condition was. When I got there and went upstairs there was a man at the front desk waiting for me and he asked my name. Faster than I even finished saying it, he was walking me back to a room in labor and delivery with a team of 3 nurses follwing right behind him. Within 5 minutes I had IV's in both hands and the nurses seemed to be rushing around me asking all types of questions as though they were getting ready to take me back and deliver immediately. It seemed like an eternity before they hooked me up to the monitor and I heard that sweet thud of my baby girl's heartbeat. The on call dr. came in and checked me out... The bleeding stopped and I was going to be admitted and on bedrest. The Maternal/Fetal Medicine doctor came in and did an ultrasound and verified that everything was ok with her measurements, that the placenta was working okay and that I wasn't losing any amniotic fluid. They gave me the first round of steroid shots to help mature Addisyn's lungs (just in case), followed by a second round 24 hours later. I spent that entire week in a hospital bed, only able to get up to use the bathroom and take a quick shower. The second day I was there, my nurses and I got to enjoy the amazingly delicious cake. I had the best nurses and was even reunited with the nurse who helped deliver PJ! After 8 days, and no more bleeding, my doctor decided I could go home, but still be on strict bedrest. So on May 2nd, at around 1:30PM I went home... The whole car ride, I felt sick.... nervous.... worried.... I just had this uneasy feeling and part of me wanted to beg James to turn back around so I could be back in the comfort of my hospital room with trained nurses and doctors close by just in case something went wrong. I remember calling my family when I said they discharged me... the verdict was pretty unanimous~ they were very uneasy with me going home, too. As James, PJ, and I continued our drive I remember every bump making me feel even more anxious than the last. We finally pulled in to the driveway, and I went immediately to the couch. For the next few hours, I sat on the couch, only got up to use to bathroom or go lay in my bed. I had a very hard time falling asleep, but finally was able to around 2am. At 7am I woke up to the sound of James' alarm clock... I was getting ready to start my first day home alone on bedrest... or so I thought... (to be continued...)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Up to date

After reading a friend from college's blog, I realized it was time for me to come back to my own blog. She made me realize that it's okay that I didn't write about certain things, and even though I am behind, the most important thing is that I write down these memories. I had this whole OCD moment where I had to go back and fill in all the missing pieces, but to do that would take time that I don't have. Hopefully our family members and friends will read and enjoy these posts, but mostly I want to have a record of this journey to look at and read for years to come! So thank you, Betsy for helping me jump back in to the blogging world!
So.... our "baby boy" is not such a baby anymore! He turned 2 in December and we celebrated with a monkey theme.... very appropriate for him. The term "terrible two's" just doesn't describe some of the days we have around here. However, most days, he is a spirited, sweet, loving little boy who can melt my heart in a minute by saying, "Mommy, I wuv you!" He loves to sing in the car, (You Are My Sunshine is one of his favorites) play with his trucks and cars, take bubble baths and color in the tub, watch his favorite cartoon "Bob Bob", and ride his bike in the house! He also loves to snuggle with his Mommy and Daddy... something that will never grow old, and something I sure hope her never grows out of either! He is also settling into his newest role of being a big brother to our sweet princess Addisyn!

Addisyn Lynn was born on June 2nd- after a 5 week hospital stay on bedrest for mommy due to marginal placenta previa. To say those 5 weeks were some of the hardest in my life is an understatement... And although I thought it was so hard for me, I know it was incredibly hard on my boys! My sweet husband had to take care of everything-including his 9-5 job-and STILL managed to bring my little monkey to see me everyday in the hospital (well, except for 2 days in which I INSISTED he bring PJ home so he could experience some normalcy. Back to June 2nd....
Because I had placenta previa, Addisyn had to be born via c-section in order to ensure the safety of both of us. I was terrified at the thought of being cut open, but after those tough weeks in bed, and the roller coaster of not knowing what would happen at any moment, I was just happy to have her in my arms and safe- not to mention the fact that I was just grateful I didn't hemmorhage, need a hysterectomy, or experience any of the list of things that the doctors and nurses discussed as *possible* things that could go wrong with my condition. I am just now realizing that I need to give some background to all of this bedrest business since it has been so long since my last post... (To be continued...)