Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Random Thoughts...

So the rest of Spring Break was lots of fun! PJ and Addisyn spent most of his time playing with their cousins. And hanging out with family...
I helped my sister-in-law get some things done around the house in preparation for this little guy who is still growing...
His name is Landyn Alexander! (How cute is that?!?!)

We also spent time at CSCA where my nieces and nephews go to school... playing on the playground each day....
... and making pit stops to Yogurtland for an afternoon snack...
                                                        (PJ is sitting in Layci's carseat)
On Thursday, PJ, Addisyn and I visited my mom's school. We talked to her students for a bit during their Math lesson and then PJ got to play on the playground with them after lunch. They all LOVED playing with him. Notice how the crowd keeps getting bigger and bigger as they are playing ball!
Of course while the students were playing with PJ, my mom and Jennifer (her teammate) took turns loving on Addisyn!
During the week, we also go the final things ordered and purchased for Stephanie's baby shower which was on the 26th. It was BEAUTIFUL and I think she really enjoyed herself. Here are just a few pictures of some of the details/food...
 The Crepe Maker... DELICIOUS!
Now we are back home and getting back into th swing of things... I am missing my family like crazy already. It is SO hard to be so far away from them!
Unfortunately, Addisyn is sick again with another set of double ear infections, and bronchiolitis. She is back on antibiotics, steroids, and breathing treatments. I am ready for her to feel better!!!
She is starting to pull up on EVERYTHING- including things that are not so sturdy.

She also enjoyed her firs taste of real spaghetti. She seemed to enjoy it, and wasn't AS messy as I thought she would be!
So excited for some fun things that are coming up just around the corner...
- PJ's first Weeball game
- Betsy's baby shower & due date
- Landyn's due date
- Meredith and Pete's wedding
- Addisyn's 1st birthday

(And now you see why the title of this post was "Random Thoughts")

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


... You will be able to run free and bounce and jump and play with the big kids.... (too) soon.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Breakin' It!

   We arrived in South Florida on Friday night around 10:45. The kids were SO good on the ride down! PJ watched Toy Story 3, and Addisyn slept most of the way. We made our one usual stop at Okahumpka where I fed Addisyn and bought dinner for PJ, and topped off our gas tank. It was a smooth ride, and I can only hope that the drive back goes half as smoothly.
   PJ, Brady, and Layci played all morning on Saturday, and Steph and I went to go do some things for the baby shower which is on the 26th. When we got back, we decided to take the kids to the Country Fair at CSCA where Hunter, Savannah, Brady, and Layci go to school. We timed it so that we would only be there for the last hour because there wasn't too much for them to do. The kids were super excited about all the different bounce houses.
 We saw this as soon as we walked through the gate, and of course it made me think of Koby!!!
 PJ and Layci jumping:
Next, we decided to take them on a bumblebee ride, but first we had to make sure they were tall enough!
 Eating snow cones
Savannah wanted to go on the Ring of Fire!
 The little ones watched as it flipped over and over...
   After our fun hour at the fair, we made a last minute decision to go to the beach.
It was Addisyn's first time!
She wasn't sure what to think about the sand at first, she just kept picking it up and letting it run through her fingers.
Then of course she had to taste it...
.... And then put her whole face it it!
PJ LOVED the water!!!
And Addisyn enjoyed watching the big kids play!
She also got to enjoy eating dinner on the beach!
The big kids played football in the waves:
Here are a few more shots from our fun afternoon.
Look at these adorable sandy feet!!!

We had such an awesome first day of our vacation, and we can't wait to see what the rest of the week holds!