Sunday, April 3, 2011

PJ's 1st Weeball Game

On Saturday, PJ had his 1st weeball game! He was so excited to go play with his new friends. Friday night he got to practice wearing his uniform because they took individual and team pictures. He did really good, and I can't wait to see how they came out!

We had to be at the field bright and early by 8:45 on Saturday morning... but PJ was excited and ready to go!

He met up with his team and they sat in their batting order in the dugout.

His team played outfield first. Here he is, out on the field, sporting #18 for his Aunt Sissy!
He was so excited to run after the ball when the other team hit it, and eventually threw it immediately to first base instead of hopping around with it!

At one point, he saw another player from the other team with the same bat as him, and freaked out because he thought it was his... The coach showed him his bat and let him sit in the dugout for a few minutes to calm down...

Finally it was his team's turn to bat and he waited paitently for his turn.

Of course in Weeball, there is no winning team. All of the kids get to hit and score a run, but it is still SO CUTE to watch all of these little 3 and 4 year olds play a sport! After all of the kids go to hit and run the bases, they lined up and gave the other team and coaches high fives!
Finally, they got in a huddle for a "1,2,3 GO ANGELS!"
For some more pictures of his 1st game, click here.

10 months

Can hardly believe that 10 months has come and gone since Addisyn was born! It seems like just yesterday that I was in the hospital, counting down the days on bedrest until I would get to meet her and be home with my family of four. She is such a complete joy. I can't quite remember what life was like without these 2 amazing kids that I have. I feel more complete and whole than I have ever felt. I am nothing short of lucky to be a wife to my amazing husband James, and mom to PJ and Addisyn.

Here are some new things that my sweet girl is up to:
* pulling up on EVERYTHING ( including her brother, dogs, PJ's movable ride-on toys, etc.)
* cruising around while holding on to the couch, table, her brother, etc....
* pulling up on her walker toy and walking with it, or (PJ's favorite) pulling up on his four wheeler and walking while he pushes
* giving kisses
* she has 4 teeth
* eats 3 meals per day, and LOVES spaghetti
* she is VERY vocal, and often *squeals* and screams in delight
* she likes to play in the toy kitchen and take toys out of the toy bin one by one (her brother helps her clean them up)

I can't believe it is almost time to start planning her 1st birthday!

Modeling a dress by Simply Sophy