Sunday, July 29, 2007

It's a...

BOY!!! The arrow is pointing to the proof!!! James and I couldn't be happier! He is perfectly healthy and that was the most important thing the doctor told us! Here are some other pictures of Patrick James (P.J.)...

PJ's Profile

PJ's Face...

Here is his little foot!
The top of his head and hand.
So I am sad that the weekend is over and that I have to go back to work. My family left today and it was so good to see them, and have them share in this joy with us. Of course they had to go out shopping and buy tons of blue stuff to fill up the closet! :-)
Anyway, James and I feel so blessed to have made this little miracle together and we are looking forward to a lifetime of love and kisses when PJ arrives!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

18 weeks and my belly POPPED!

Here is my 18 week photo (taken on July 22nd). My belly has definitely popped, and you can tell I am pregnant! I can't believe I am almost half way there. Friday is the BIG ultrasound and I can't wait to find out if it's a BOY or a GIRL! :-) Hopefully this week will fly by!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pregnancy is a weight loss plan!

So, I have been doing lots of traveling, thus the lack of blogging! So, i am sure you are wondering about the title of my blog... Well, I have lost 15 pounds since I found out I was pregnant... The thing is, I EAT! I make sure I eat 3 meals a day, but I only want to eat healthy things, like salad and fruits. On a rare occasion I will crave something sweet, but it is VERY rare! The dr. said it's perfectly fine since I am a big girl to begin with... LOL! Other than that, everything is going great! James gives me a daily countdown on when we find out what the baby is... so we have 15 days! :-) He is all pumped to get the nursery ready. Everything is already pretty much moved out of there and cleared out.

I have tons of pictures from all of my trips, but have not put them on the computer yet, so I will get to that ASAP and share what I have been up to since going MIA! :-)