Sunday, June 29, 2008

And one more makes FOUR!!!

We got to the Keys around 10pm Friday night, after a few stops along the way. Our first stop was in Ocala so that PJ could meet his Great Grandma Deines (his daddy's grandma). We only stopped for about an hour... Just long enough to have homemade tea and cheesecake.

After that, we continued our trek south. We surprised my mom by popping by. James dropped PJ and I off and he went to fill up the truck. He came in and saw Meems briefly but it was getting late and we still had an hour and a half to go! PJ fussed a lot on the last part of the trip but finally fell asleep.

When we got here, Savannah, Sissy, Ry, my dad, Mowisa, and Mrs. Frey were all anxiously waiting! We gave PJ a bath and put him to sleep.

Yesterday we went in the pool and in the late afternoon went for a boat ride.

PJ tried some Yo' Baby yesterday and loved it! He also had his first bath in the big tub. He sat up the whole time and tried to grab at the water. It was so cute!!!

This morning, PJ's top right tooth came in, hence the title of this post! He is starting to scoot more and more and if you put him down on one end of the room, he will likely end up on the other side!

So we are really looking forward to the rest of our time here and if yesterday was any indication of how much fun we are gonna have, then this vacation is going to be AWESOME!

(I have taken tons of pictures, but don't have my laptop... I am blogging from my Blackberry so I will have lots of pictures to post when I get home!!!)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Toy Scootin' Boogie!

Here is some footage of PJ scooting to get his toy. It takes him awhile to get there, but he gets there!!! He does the combination of an "inch-worm" and a sideways scoot. It is so funny to watch. Everyday, he is moving more and more and we are just waiting on him to take off!

Also, since we are going to the Keys for 10 days, and don't want to have to pack EVERYTHING, (such as his bathtub) I thought I would try to bathe him without it! The sink seemed like just the right size so if he were to lose his balance, he wouldn't hit his head. He did a GREAT JOB and didn't topple over at all.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Busy Weekend!

On Friday we got PJ's 6 month pictures done and they came out SOOOO cute! It really is proof how much he has grown and changed!
Uncle John, Aunt Mae and Kairi came on Friday at around 5. The last time we saw them was when Kairi was 2 weeks old in February! She has gotten so much bigger (but yet is still so little) and is absolutely PRECIOUS! It was so great to see her and PJ interact since they are only about a month apart. Here are some cute photos we snapped of them this weekend...

Also, my little monkey got his THIRD TOOTH this morning... the top left! Thank goodness we got another one out of the way! :o)

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I am officially up to date!!! All of the pictures are added, and the posts are complete

P.S- The only post I am missing is PJ's 1st Christmas. So as soon as I get that one done, I will post a link to it!!!

My 27th

Today was my 27th birthday... I spent most of the day at a workshop but then some people came over tonite to celebrate with me... Marie (and Bebe), Sheena, Hannah, Hailey, Ryan, Oronde, Lashay, Robin, and Mama Butler. James grilled chicken and we had pasta salad and ice cream cake. It was really special to have so many people around to celebrate with me, and EXTRA special that I had my sweet baby boy by my side. I wish that the rest of my family could have been with me, and I know if they could have been, they would have been! So thank you to everyone who made this birthday so special for me! I am ONE LUCKY GIRL!!! XOXOXO

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Be on the lookout for...

BACKDATED POSTS! I have them all completed... Been working really hard on them... All I have to do is add the pictures and hit "PUBLISH". Check back later tonite for some serious updates, and TONS of pictures! The posts will go all the way back to after we brought PJ home on December 14th. The only post I have to complete still is his 1st Christmas, but other than that, we will be UP TO DATE!

ETA: I have published SOME of them... but there will be MANY MORE!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Caleb Kevin!

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My dear friend from college, Karen, gave birth to healthy baby boy today! We are so happy that Caleb is here safe and sound and that Mommy and Daddy are doing well! Caleb was 7 pounds, 5 ounces and 20 1/2 inches long! We can't wait to meet him and we know that he and PJ will be life-long friends, just like me and his mommy!

Also, PJ took a bath tonight SITTING UP! He LOVED IT! So much, in fact, that he soaked me and the floor kicking and splashing all over the place. I think it might be time to move him into the BIG tub!

Monday, June 16, 2008

My little Scooty Bug!

Tonight while James and I were playing with PJ in his room, he got up on his hands and knees and started rocking back and forth! Soon the days of laying him on the floor while he plays with toys will be over, and I will need to drink 2 sugar free Red Bulls per day instead of just one! :-)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Half of a year... Where has the time gone?

I can't believe how fast my baby boy is growing up! He is 6 months old today! It feels like just yesterday I gave birth to him. In another 6 short months we will be celebrating his 1st birthday. SO CRAZY!
This week he has moved up to stage 2 foods... He started eating them this past Tuesday. He tried apple sweet potatoes and apple vanilla mixed grain. He really liked both of them. I think apples are one of his favorite things. He starts grunting for more every time I feed them to him!!! He has also started crawling backwards... It will only be a matter of time before he takes off!
In celebration of his 6 months since birth, he also got his 1st haircut today! He looked like such a big boy sitting on daddy's lap with the barber cape around him. He didn't fuss at all!!! He just looked at the man, looked at James, and looked at me! He didn't even freak out when he turned on the shaver or blew the cut hair off of his neck and face!!! He looks so much older now!

Tonight we also received some sad news about a dear friend and colleague that I teach with at Oak Ridge. Betsy Thomas passed away today after battling cancer for the 2nd time. Betsy was an an angel, a light, and a source of inspiration to everyone she ever came in contact with. Every day at school she would greet me by saying, "Hello Bebe" and then would go on to ask about PJ, and life in general. The world has lost a wonderful educator and friend. She will be deeply missed and I know she is looking down on us and protecting us all! Rest in Peace, Betsy... Because I knew and loved you, I have been changed for good...

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hannah & Hailey's 1st Birthday Party!

Today was Hannah and Hailey's 1st birthday party! Mimi, Aunt Sissy, Brady and Layci came into town to celebrate with the girls! There actual birthday was on June 5th! The girls had so much fun!!! Check out all the details of their special day HERE!

PJ tried some new food today... squash and watermelon! He loved them both!!! After he ate his dinner, I put him in his excersaucer and sprinkled some puffs around. HE PICKED ONE UP AND ATE IT ON HIS OWN!!! This was the first time he did that! Such a big boy... Like my mom always says... DON'T BLINK!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Moving on up...

PJ is officially in Size 2 diapers!! He had been wearing 1-2's for a while, but since he sleeps so well at night, had started to leak through them.

NOW EATING... sweet potatoes, puffs, peaches (which he hates), and peas!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My gift for Daddy...

Today was James' birthday! To celebrate, PJ decided to sit up all by himself! He put his hands on each side of him on the ground to steady himself. He was so proud!

We had some people over (last minute) to celebrate James' 28th. It turned out very nice. We had homemade baked ziti and cupcakes.

Happy Birthday to my BEST FRIEND! You are an amazing father and husband, and PJ and I couldn't be more lucky to have you in our lives! I look forward to celebrating your birthday for the rest of our lives!