Friday, December 17, 2010

I'm Thankful For...

This Thanksgiving, Addisyn's 1st, we decided to make the drive down to South Florida to be with family so that James could enjoy dinner with us before going to Okeechobee to go hunting with my dad and brother Ryan. We don't usually travel on Thanksgiving, (considering one year it took us 18 hours to get home which was thankfully before PJ and Addisyn) but James really wanted to be able to go hunting, and I felt that since he does so much for us that he should be able to go do something for himself~get away with the guys for a "man weekend". I spent those 6 weeks before delivering Addisyn in a hospital where my every need, as well as, Addisyn's every need was taken care of. James, on the other hand, had it pretty hard- visiting me every night with an ever active toddler after working a full day and being the primary caregiver to PJ. He deserved this time to get away!!!
The kids and I did not lose out, though. We got to spend those several days with my nieces and nephews whom PJ just adores! They had a blast running around playing and I enjoyed some time with my sister-in-law Stephanie. Here are a few photos from our trip!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Holidays from the Hartman Family!

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Friday, December 10, 2010


Halloween seemed to come and go quickly this year! PJ had an absolute blast trick-or-treating. He would go to each door, get candy, and then say, "Can we get MORE candy?!?!" He was so excited and we couldn't get to the next house fast enough for his liking! Addisyn did great riding around in her stroller, although she only stayed in her costume long enough to go to 2 houses! Here are some pictures from our fun Halloween weekend!
Our little punkin' with the pumpkin before carving it.
PJ loved digging in to the pumpking and getting the seeds out.
Addisyn just couldn't contain herself from all of the excitement of carving!

The finished pumpkins- a spider and an owl

The kids eating their dinner

Jonathan loves Addisyn!

Best Friends!
Trying to get a picture of the kids while they were running around playing!
My little boxer

My sweet little girl
Halloween 2010