Sunday, January 27, 2008

Back Where I Come From...

Aunt Sissy, Mamaw, Brady and Layci came this past week to visit! We had a fun week together! Here are some random photos from their visit:

Layci, Hannah, and Hailey playing

Steph and I made this roast...and it was AWESOME!

Brady and Uncle James... "CHEESE!!!!!"

We got to know the Wilderness Way because Steph got a flat tire on the way to meet Sheena, Unie and the girls for lunch!!! (PLEASE NOTICE JAMES' FOOTWEAR AS HE PUTS THE SPARE TIRE ON THE TRUCK- picture on the right))

Brady and his "CUSSIN"

Layci and PJ

PJ and Mamaw taking a little snooze!

Yesterday, we traveled down to S. Florida... It is PJ's first visit to the place his mommy and daddy grew up! We are staying down here all week and then James will be coming down for my Dad's Surprise 60th birthday next Saturday... Then we will go back to Tallahassee on Sunday.

I am just very glad to have this time for everyone to be around PJ, and for him to be around them! Having him here just makes me realize how much I want to live back down here again!

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