Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Layci's 1st Birthday/Mother's Day

This past weekend we went down to South Florida for Layci's 1st birthday party! I can't believe she is already a year old! We went down on Thursday night and were able to stay until Monday, which meant we all celebrated Mother's Day together as well.

On Friday, I finally took the plunge and chopped my hair off! I was a little disappointed at first, and was missing my hair, but now I love it. It takes less than 10 minutes to blowdry!!! That night we went to Hunter and Savannah's LAX picnic. There was music and food and PJ really enjoyed being outside!

Saturday was the big party day!!! In the morning we went to Hunter's last LAX game of the season, and PJ got a little sunburned! That South Florida sun will get you even when you are in the shade!

Layci had a blast at her party! She loved her cake that her mommy made for her, and played in the pool that PJ got her! Everything turned out just perfect for our little princess!

Aunt Sissy also gave PJ a little taste of the homemade icing, and he thought it was YUMMY! For dinner, PJ tried his first fruit- mashed up bananas... definitely a favorite for him.

Later in the afternoon, when the sun went down a little, James and I took PJ in the pool. HE LOVED IT! He was kicking his legs and smiling and laughing! We put him in Brady's float toy and pulled him around the pool a little bit.

Sunday was Layci's actual birthday, which also happened to be Mother's Day. What a wonderful gift for my sister! :-) We made sausage, egg and cheese casseroles, as well as, french toast casserole, and James went out and brought us Starbucks and some bagels from our favorite bagel shop. He and PJ got me cards and a beautiful pink orchid plant. It was so wonderful to be around my husband, son, and the rest of my family. We had a bar-be-que that night which was the perfect ending to a perfect family weekend.

PJ and I on my 1st Mother's Day!

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Sheena said...

Such an awesome weekend!