Saturday, May 19, 2007

Being Pregnant!

I am here to say that all that crap you hear about being pregnant and having these cravings, and eating all the time is just that... CRAP!!! I have no appetite, and when I do, the only thing I want to eat is Cinnamon Raisin toast with cream cheese. Things I used to LOVE make me sick. Just the mere thought of pizza is enough to send me running to the bathroom holding my hand over my mouth. (although I have not actually thrown up at all). And another thing, morning sickness should not be called that... how about ALL DAY sickness, or POPS UP ON YOU AT ANY TIME OF DAY sickness. Those would be better descriptions of what it is actually like during pregnancy.

With that said, I wouldn't change it for the world. Annoying? Yes... Can I deal with it? Absolutely!

James went canoeing with some buddies this weekend... He left this morning and I miss him already. He kept asking if it was alright, and said he wouldn't go if I didn't want him too.... but we both know that after the baby comes, there won't be many trips like that. I think I would be okay with it if I could call him if I wanted, but he leaves his phone in the truck because last time one of the guys rolled their canoe over and everything went into the water... including their cell phone.

So now I am just trying to find something to do to occupy me.... I have grad school stuff to do, and I should get started on that. I have tons of pictures I want to upload to Flickr, and lots of things on my creative to do list...


Jessica Chapman said...

You just wait. I felt that way too and it was horrible, but once that portion is over, you will get the crazy cravings!!!

Jessica Chapman said...

You need to update your blog lady!