Saturday, June 23, 2007


Ok, so I know I haven't updated this blog in OVER a month... There is a good reason for this.... My laptop BROKE! I know I have had access to other people's computers, but there is a good reason that I just haven't had the time to do so. Here is a rundown of life since I last posted....

School finally ended.. THANK GOODNESS! I was so happy to leave my classroom behind for the summer and have a chance to REST before the baby comes! Unfortunately that hasn't happened yet!

My mom came up on June 2nd, and we celebrated James' birthday on the 3rd. We cooked his favorite meal- stuffed shells, and enjoyed a turtle cheesecake for dessert. At this point I was still in the first trimester and SUPER SICK, so I don't think I enjoyed it as much as he did!!!!

On June 4th, we had another Dr. appointment (the reason that my mom came up) and got another ultrasound:

So there is Baby Hartman at 11 weeks and 1 day. If you look at where I circled the baby, on the left you can see both feet in the air. On the right, is the baby's face looking forward with a hand on either side. The technician showed us 2 arms and 2 legs, we saw the heart beating away, and this time James got to hear the heartbeat, too. The baby was just moving all around, and I seriously think it was the coolest thing I have ever seen. My next appointment is on July 2nd, but I won't get another ultrasound until July 27th when WE FIND OUT WHAT THE BABY IS! :-)

So after the excitement of the Dr. appointment, I went down south with my mom, where thought I would sleep in, take lots of naps, and just relax... HAHAHA! I helped my sister in law with the kids, and actually ended up going to bed late, waking up early, and taking not ONE single nap the whole time I was there. I got to experience what life might be like with 4 kids (including a toddler, and a newborn) and now I completely understand when my sister says, "I'll call you back." and then I never hear from her for at least a few days. I loved every minute of being down there, though! It is always great for me to spend some time with my family, although I missed James like crazy!

Then my mom and I headed back to Tallahassee on the 17th of June, woke up on the morning of the 18th and attended a writing workshop together (which was also my birthday) and then celebrated my big 26th at the Melting Pot that night! :-) It was a lot of fun! My mom left the next day, and I went to a math workshop the rest of the week!

So now, it is the first time I have had to sit and gather my thoughts (with my new laptop that my dad got me for my birthday). I am officially out of the first trimester, although my appetite has not returned yet. As of yesterday, I have lost 13 pounds since finding out I was pregnant, but my belly has definitely started to pop! :-)

It is finally the weekend, and James and I plan to work in the garden he made for us, and I definitely plan to rest, because next week is full of workshops again!!! :-)

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Jessica Chapman said...

Girl you have been busy. I'm staying away from workshops this summer. Boycotting them actually. Ise don need no trainin! LOL :) Talk to you soon.