Monday, October 15, 2007

Time for an update!

I have no idea where the time has been going lately and it still hasn't really sank in that in just about 10 weeks PJ will be here!!!

School has been hectic, (what else is new?) but last week I got a little break. I attended the annual FCTM (Florida Council for Teachers of Mathematics) conference. Last year I went with one of my closest friends at school, and this year we were able to go together again. To be honest, that kind of break from the classroom is just what I needed! We attended different math workshops and learned some new ways of teaching our students math. It was definitely interesting and relaxing at the same time. The beds at the Marriott where we stayed were SO comfortable! (and we actually stayed in bed past 5:30 which is our usual wake up time!) By the time the trip was over I was definitely ready to get home. I missed James terribly. I mean, don't get me wrong, I always miss him when he is not with me, but it was just so different this time being away from him and being pregnant. I would talk to him before I went to bed each night, and on the first night after expressing how much we missed eachother, he told me something so sweet and so TRUE... He said, "Just remember, you are never alone. Part of me is with you right now, too" (meaning PJ of course) It is amazing to think that he and I made this perfect little boy TOGETHER! OK, back on track... so Lashay and I went to the mall and ate at PF Changs while we were there. We felt totally pampered and relaxed when we left! We got back around 11 AM on Saturday morning and I basically did nothing the rest of the weekend... I was having some slight cramping so I just tried to rest.

Fast forward to today... I went into work, still feeling crampy with lots of pressure. James had actually taken the day off to study for part 3 of his CPA test which he takes tomorrow. He kept telling me to call in so that we could go to the Dr. to be sure everything was ok, but I HATE calling in. I would rather show up, get things together, and have them get someone to cover my class. So I told the secretary that I needed someone to cover my class... I began to teach reading and the pressure felt like it was getting worse, so I got the kids started on an independent assignment. My principal came in to check on me, and said someone would be in there shortly. Luckily my FSU student was there today and was able to teach the kids. At 9:00 someone came in to take over for the day and I headed home. James called the Dr. while I was on my way and by the time I got home, he was dressed and ready to take me to triage. Luckily my dr. was the one on call so I was going to get to see her while I was there. We got all checked in and they hooked me up to the heartbeat monitor and the contraction monitor. Of course PJ was just kicking away and even got the hiccups! The nurse noticed on the contraction monitor that I was having slight cramping/contractions so Dr. McKinnie came in and checked my cervix... COMPLETELY CLOSED... I am 30% effaced which she said is normal for 30 weeks... and she did a swab test to see if I would go into labor in the next 10-14 days which came back negative!!! The nurse came in and gave me a shot to stop my uterus from contracting and within in a few minutes, the cramping was gone but I felt like I just drank 20 venti espressos from Starbucks. Definitely not a fun feeling! Shortly after that they let me go home and said everything was fine and told me some things to monitor. I was NOT in preterm labor which is what we wanted to hear! They say that your uterus contracts all throughout pregnancy and some women are more prone to feel those contractions. (Guess I'm one of the lucky few!) So now I am just resting for the remainder of today and tomorrow will be back to the grind of work!

Less than 2 weeks until I go down south for my baby shower with the family, and I can't wait, especially since I know PJ is going to be in there until it is time for him to come! :o)

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