Wednesday, May 20, 2009


SO, our vacation last weekend was the Charleston, SC for my step brothers graduation from the Citadel.
We stayed at Folly Beach in an ABSOLUTELY amazing, breath-taking, surreal 4 story house right on the beach. There were 20 of us who stayed there including 5 kids, so needless to say it was a full house, but we had a BLAST nonetheless.
James, PJ, and I got there on Thursday night around 10:30PM so we got to hang out for a bit before retiring to our room!

The next day we went to the chapel at the Citadel for Rob's Commissioning into the Marine Corps. It was a nice ceremony, and double nice to see my brother Caleb in his dress blues!
On Saturday, Rob had his graduation, which I didn't get to see much of because PJ didn't want to sit for that long... So instead, Steph and I had the little ones in the hallway running around and playing until it was Rob's turn to walk and get his diploma. Everyone went back to the house, and we spent the rest of the day out on the beach having some fun in the sun!

Sunday was Mother's Day, and there was a mistake made regarding our reservations at the beach house, so we had to pack up and move 4 houses down for the last night. Everyone pitched in and we got situated quickly. Unfortunately it rained and the power went out so we sat on the porch... But it was also nice to be able to just sit and chat with everyone. My Dad and brothers cooked shrimp, oysters, and clams on the grill (in the rain).

We ended the night by celebrating Layci's 2nd birthday and Maddie's (Rob's sister) birthday since they are a day apart!

Everyone had a GREAT time, and some awesome memories were made!
CONGRATULATIONS 2nd Lieutenant Viehmeyer, USMC!!! We are all SO PROUD OF YOU!
*** These photos are courtesy of my Sissy. All collages were made using Flickr toys***

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